Sim City Social...

Sim City Social...

Written by Benke on the 29th of June 2012 at 18:00

Yup, I admit it - I got started on Sim City Social on Facebook. Mainly cause I'm dying to play the proper full on Sim City (5) that's due out next year. I know it's not even remotely the same thing, but at least it's got a couple of words in common with that game.

EA have been successful in transforming The Sims into a casual/Facebook phenomenon, and in a way it's poetic justice that Sim City goes the Farmville/Cityville route. The lure of micro-transactions are there, but I don't think I'll ever spend money on this kind of casual experience. I'm happy to grind for a bit, bug my friends on Facebook (hey, if you don't like it, block the app!), and grow my city at a moderate pace.

The experience did get my even more excited about Sim City though and did little to negate my hunger for that game. I'm not sure you will want to be my neighbour in that game, however, as I'm likely to cause one or two "natural" disasters. But in Sim City Social, I play it nice... for the most part.