Nintendo conference reflections...

Written by Benke on the 6th of June 2012 at 06:34

Today has been a very busy day as you'd expect with E3 kicking off proper. The floor is louder, more crowded and less optimised for those of us who are trying to see as many games as possible than ever before. Yeah, I'm a bit whiny... I know... maybe it's the lack of food, water, or the constant deafening noise level of the EA booth (where I spent 3 hours) that is taking its toll.

Nintendo held their press conference today, and I was amazed at just how muted the audience response was. The crowd at the Nintendo conferences are usually a bit different from the crowds at Sony and Microsoft. There are more fanboys present - maybe a result of the many Nintendo fansites out there, and maybe a conscious effort from Nintendo to create atmosphere. I remember when their conference was held at Kodak Theater and tons of people who sit for hours on the floor as all the seats were taken. This year it felt as if Nintendo cater more towards the audience watching the conference at home on Spike TV or MTV2 and not the fans at Nokia Theater or the hardcore gamers watching the stream. We got brief glimpses of games like New Super Mario Bros. U, and New Super Mario Bros. 2, while the constant promise of more content on e3.nintendo.com made it feel like you were watching an infomercial and that you would be hit with some kind of trojan as soon as you typed in those letters in your browser.

There were stuff to be excited about - Pikmin 3 was expected and very welcome - Mario's many games looked interesting and different enough - and the news of dual game pads was positive. Mass Effect 3 will hopefully signal a much needed addition to the Nintendo library of games with western RPG's.

But... Nintendoland that Nintendo did their best to position as the Wii Sport of Wii U, felt a bit bland, at least from what we saw. I'm sure the gameplay is going to be there, but to say that it is as immediate as playing tennis with Wii Sports is p