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Black ops 2

Im sure everyone by now have seen the black ops 2 trailer. It looks good finally we r going into the future. I want to see how the would story would workout the plot so far sounds like a good idea but we all know call of duty for WWII and all the modern warfare games now would the future sell? I thing it would it may even be better then the pass games. I would like to hear what you all thing but black ops 2 or if you have any question just tweet me I reply fast over twitter @ViruZ_RAAM


For those who dont know me.

My name is hector rubio or WHITE DEATH2178 on xbox live. yes u can sent me a friend request if u like im not like other people who would reject you. Im from Miami Florida. I would be bloging bout video game reviews telling you if its good or just dont buy it. I have a twitter account @ViruZ_RAAM. I go to college so iam alway bussy with work. Im a gears of war player thats what i play the most i do play other games but gears is what i do.