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StarCraft pride

Written by Odane on the 24th of August 2010 at 12:21

During the past several days there has been practically nothing but a lot of StarCraft 2 gaming on my screen. World of Warcraft have had to step down a bit in favor of hours of Battlenet play with my friends. When StarCraft was released some 12 years ago I was actually a pretty decent player. So decent in fact that I was ranked third in the world at the ladder during one week (you know, when there was one big ladder instead of thousands like now), but of course that wouldn't be for so long as competition quickly grew.

I must say I am pretty shocked at how my skills have declined over the years. When I initially began playing SC2 on Battlenet I only manage to place myself in the silver league since I lost two out of my initial five matches determining rank placement. The funny thing though is that it is not undeserved as I am struggling to fight my way and climb the ladder bit by bit. The matchmaking system is one of the best I have ever come across. At least 70% of all my matches are very close to my opponent beating me and sometimes they do.

At the same time it is also very exhausting to play close encounter after close encounter and more often than not, rushes will fail and the game will drag out into tier 2 and 3 going on for 30-40 minutes and even more. I feel that my nerves are not what they used to be, since I feel that I have something to prove and not playing out of basic recreational pleasure. It kind of hard to admit that I am probably never going to be as good as I once was, but then again, maybe I am actually as good as I once was only that people simply has gotten better.

Anyway, StarCraft 2 is really a top notch game and the story was as good as expected and on-line play is superb. I hope I can give up on the frustration of trying to be a great player and relax, enjoy the show and only be a good player. Pride in gaming sure is a thing of evil and probably totally unnecessary for anyone not being a pro or nihilistically possessed by a game.

StarCraft pride

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