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Pleas(dear god) subscribe

Pleas(dear god) subscribe

Yes, as you can see im telling you to su... no, that was rude, im asking, begging you to subscribe to my new youtube channel, its a gaming channel ofcourse. With (soon to come) commentary of games like; Battlefield Bad Company 2(and the first one maby) Call of Duty (4) Modern warfare (2), Trails HD (my own tracks) and more as we get more requests and such.

We (me and a pall) have used a quite big amounse of money in to this (were not movie stars... beleve it or not) and we have now orderd a Hauppauge HD PVR to record, we will alsow as said be commenting the videos as they progress...

So the reason why we are doing this is: We LOOOVE to play games(Xbox 360 mostly but PS3 too) and we are somewhat good, and i have always loved to edit and make movies and such. So why not a gaming channel on youtube, and we have heard that if we get enough subscribers (thats were you guys come in) we can ask for a partnership with youtube, and get money as more and more people will subscribe, watch videos, rate and such... so if you could be so ever kind to subscribe i thank you!

BTW: sorry for bad english, from norway ^^

AND OFCOURSE; the link to the channel is...