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Gaming features

Written by LeoWu on the 27th of December 2019 at 11:55
This post is tagged as: tech, TV, games

Let's look at what gaming features are present on Smart TV from the largest manufacturers of equipment.

Modern displays on Smart TV enable users to watch movies in 3D. Because of this technology (3D format), the user does not need to share the screen for passing online games - with glasses on, each user can play the game on a full-fledged large screen.

"Smart" TVs have recently entered our lives, but they have become very popular and in demand, and games for Smart TV are in greatest demand. So, the developers are trying to bring to life as many applications of an entertaining nature as possible, including those that help the user play games on the TV.

Pros and cons of games on the TV You can also enjoy games on the TV using the Playstation consoles. Let's look at the possible advantages and disadvantages of playing games on Smart TV.

Buying a Smart TV can save you money by comparing the price with a professional gaming monitor. On TVs, the user can slightly change the settings, for example, turn on the backlighting of dark scenes, which is why Horror or Shooters look pretty advantageous.
On a large TV screen, the user will consider more details when passing through logic games. The player will be able to completely immerse themselves in the plot of the game due to the large screen size.

In addition, it is worth noting that modern TVs support a high frame rate, which allows you to enjoy the game better. For example Here you can see that modern models have a VA matrix with a frame rate of 60, 120 and 240Hz

Cons: In order to embellish the picture, on many TVs too much saturation is set by the developers, therefore, the perception of colors is perceived more negatively. On monitors, clarity is usually better than on televisions. Some TV models offer a solution to this problem when anti-aliasing is turned off. When the TV's large screen is set close enough, you can see individual pixels on some screens.
Eyes get very tired after playing games on a large TV screen. They are also greatly overworked by the fact that the gaze needs to be shifted too far from one point to another.
Of course, every technical invention has its pros and cons, so before you buy something new, you should think about a detailed study of innovation.