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Free iOS games

Free iOS games

Written by Lee West on the 9th of August 2014 at 23:45

I haven't really graced the English blog pages of Gamereactor with my writing before. But I figured since a lot of my Danish texts on iOS get translated and fill the review pages here, I might as well bump in from time to time, to recommend a few freebies on iOS, that I like.

So here we go:

Swordigo is basically a great platformer that borrows a bit from Metroid and Zelda, while delivering an enjoyable adventure.

Dark Guardians blends the runner genre with tons of atmosphere. Not an amazing game, but still a fine little runner. Download if you need something light to play on your iOS device.

Order & Chaos Online is basically World of Warcraft in your pocket (unfortunately with a bit of stinking IAP).

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf takes a bit from the book of RPGs and add some Fighting Fantasy novel style to the mix.

All of these games are normally paid games, but at the moment they are free to grab for your iPad or iPhone. So there is no harm in downloading and see if you like them. Enjoy.

Personally I really spend too much time on Supernauts, which is a freemium game, that takes bits from the city builder genre and adds a heavy dose of Minecraft to the proceedings.

I really enjoy playing this, and I have a lot of fun building stuff and watching the many creative worlds while waiting for my materials to get finished. The picture above is the winner from a weekly contest in the game. This time the theme was "Under the Sea". I think they did a steallar job on doing Nemo.

Anyways. Let me know if you want more recommendations like this from time to time.