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Free Game Development Software for iOS, 2D,3D games

Free Game Development Software for iOS, 2D,3D games


Do you know — two-thirds of American households have at least one member who plays video games for more than 3 hours a week? While typically associated with youngsters, the game industry has expanded to include diverse audiences in recent years. Thereby, developing games aimed at children, older adults, and niche interest groups who play games have become increasingly popular today. 

With a plethora of game development software available in the market, you don’t need to be a programmer, have coding experience, or have huge budgets to create games. You can develop your own game in a matter of hours if you have a solid idea, motivation, and passion for gaming.

In this article, we will go through the best game making software currently available in the market. These are the platforms that thousands of best video game developers are already using regularly. By the end of the article, you should have enough information to choose a platform for creating your first mobile game.

List of Top 10 Game Development Softwares

With a market size of 2 billion U.S. dollars, the video games software development industry in the United States is only expected to grow. So, here is your go-to game development tools list to enter the booming industry.

1. Unity

Unity began as a 3d game design software in 2005, then it added official 2D functionality in 2013. The free game making softwares is ideal for making games of all kinds and sizes, from mobile 2D simple games to jaw-dropping graphical masterpieces. Unity game development software is a popular independent game creation platform that is very simple to use for new developers.

Unity allows users to develop interactive simulations for video gaming and animation for film-making, automotive, engineering, and other industries in addition to 2D and 3D games. It also enables you to import assets from other 3D software or purchase them straight from other shops. Users can readily obtain assistance materials, guidelines, and community support for Unity because it is one of the most popular and well-known programming platforms.

2. Construct 3

Construct 3 is a 2d game making software that is most commonly used in role-playing games, puzzles, and racing games. It is the video game development software for beginners especially if you've never coded before. Furthermore, Construct 3 includes JavaScript as an optional scripting language, which is ideal for anyone interested in learning JavaScript. 

Construct 3 is entirely GUI-based, which means everything is dragged and dropped. The design features offered by the app are used to build game logic and variables. Moreover, the software has the advantage of being able to export to a variety of platforms and formats without requiring any changes to your game. After you finish creating the game, you can export your game to HTML5, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and Microsoft Store.

3. GameMaker Studio 2

GameMaker Studio 2 is one of the finest game design software without coding that allows non-programmers to create games using its drag-and-drop feature. It uses a language similar to C — Game Maker Language, but with a lot more flexibility. This game-making software's GML language enables non-coders to turn their ideas into reality in minutes.

Although this game engine was developed for beginners, the supported scripting language can be used for advanced game development as well. The biggest benefit of GameMaker is the vast range of platforms it supports. You can export your game to a variety of platforms and formats without having to make any changes to your code: Windows, Mac, Linux, HTML5, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more. However, the free version does not support exporting to any platforms.

4. Godot 

Godot is a cross-platform game engine used to create 2D and 3D mobile games. It employs a pixel-based measurement technique, making it ideal for 2D games. Its node-based interface is beneficial to novice developers.

Godot offers a diverse variety of tools to aid in the game development process. Because it is open-source, each game generated belongs entirely to the developer. Godot, unlike several other game engines, excels in UI customization. In other words, it gives artists, level designers, and animators access to a visual editor, content development tools and all the benefits of custom software development services.

Godot is a 2D game engine that works on a variety of platforms out of the box, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and HTML5. You need no additional purchases or licences for the same, however, some limitations may apply.

5. Unreal Engine 5

Another top-notch mobile game making software is Unreal Engine 5. It's primarily employed to create 3D games. Unreal Engine is regarded as user-friendly, and one of its most appealing features is that it does not require coding skills. Developers can also access a marketplace for paid and free store components to utilise with the platform. Unreal Engine, like Unity, supports desktop, mobile, and other platforms, which is a key feature for game makers.

One of the guiding concepts of this game app development software is allowing you to iterate and develop as quickly as you can. As a result, you receive live debugging, hot reloading, a streamlined asset pipeline, and fast game previews, as well as hundreds of integrated assets and systems including artificial intelligence, cinematic tools, post-processing effects, and more.

6. RPG Maker

RPG Maker is one of the finest game making software for beginners.  As the name implies, this video game development software is best for creating fantasy and action games. Developers can design any RPG they can think of using the map editor, character generator, and database.

RPG game creation software includes preset characters, goods, tilesets, and other features. Users can even create their own visuals and upload them to the existing character and item database. You may find everything you need to make an RPG here, including music, character sprites, and whole level designs.

7. AppGameKit

Another game making software for android that doesn't require any coding knowledge is AppGameKit. It's a cross-platform mobile engine that lets you develop a game and publish it across various devices. 

AppGameKit is an excellent choice if you want to create 2D games with some basic 3D components. You will have plenty of possibilities to build and deploy your game, especially if you are a beginner. The ideal approach to creating a mobile game is to use AppGameKit Studio, an all-in-one workspace that includes everything you need to take an idea from concept to finished product.

8. Stencyl 

Stencyl game software solution is extensively used by beginners to design 2D games for mobile, tablets, desktop and web.  The game making software allows you to create intuitive processes that help you speed up the game production process.  It's a freemium game engine with a user-friendly toolset that allows game developers plenty of possibilities for creating fantastic 2D games.

Stencyl has a drag-and-drop interface that is especially helpful for beginner developers. There is also the possibility to write code, import libraries, and create classes for more advanced users. Many games created with Stencyl have made it to the top of app store charts and featured sections.

9. GDevelop

One of the easiest game making software on the list is GDevelop. The software was created by Florian Rival, a Google software engineer. GDevelop is a cross-platform and open-source gaming engine. It is self-hosted, extendable, and robust, and it allows users to create games without having any programming skills.

The most significant advantage of GDevelop is its ease of use. This free game design software comes up with many game object behaviours that include Pathfinding, Tweens, Anchor, Drag and Drop. Furthermore, the game engine includes numerous tutorials and interactive options. It also gives JavaScript developers who want to add more extensions a lot more options.

10. Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon Lumberyard is a widely-known android game development software that was officially launched by Amazon. It's a cross-platform freeware gaming software based on CryEngine and driven by Amazon's features. Users can develop high-quality games with the aid of its native integration of Twitch features.

The game engine has beginner-friendly features, a simple learning curve, and quick prototyping. However, they are often more expensive than other AWS products if you wish to use the AWS service with them.

Amazon Lumberyard is capable of developing AAA games with high-fidelity 3D graphics. This makes it an excellent choice for large-scale gaming projects. On the other hand, the software has adaptability ingrained in its DNA. Thus, making it well-suited for a wide range of applications.

Ending Thoughts

Games development software is attracting people from all around the world in the current tech economy. Gaming is no longer restricted to children; instead, it is drawing people of all ages. So, if you're looking to break into the gaming industry, this list of the finest game design software is all you'll need.

However, each of the game making software options described above has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As a result, the best game development software for you will vary, based on your needs and circumstances. Choose the one that meets your needs and make a mark in this growing industry.