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Honda Winner X for the Asian market has been launched

Written by Dean Watsonn on the 2nd of December 2022 at 04:22

Autofun Philippines – Honda continues to produce the Winner X for the Asian market, with an engine based on the CBR 150 and styling reminiscent of the CBR 1000! And we all know how "repairable" these machines are! Other engines of the same brand, Honda Supra GTR 150 price Philippines will also be of interest below.


The duck looks like a Supersport

We are not only here in Greece ... "burning" with super ducks, because in Southeast Asia, but models of this genre are also a timeless attraction for young people and not only. 24 hours ago Honda introduced the new Winner X, the model we met a few years ago called the Supra GTR 150. When you're young and your car is an extension of your style and expression of personality. yours you need to stand out at first sight and Winners do it easily:

It is painted in the colors and graphics of the CBR 1000 RR-R SP, with red, blue and white on the plastic rims and yellow. The front also follows the same philosophy, with two horizontal lights side by side, a hallmark of CBR.


150cc 15.4 hp engine for thrills

The engine of Honda Winner X is based on the very successful mechanical platform of the Honda CBR 150, ensuring a capacity of 15.4 horsepower, which is certainly more than enough for vivid performance from a vehicle weighing 155 kg. . The gearbox is a 6-speed, ie with a manual clutch, for that motoring feel.


At the peripheral level, Winner X is equipped with telescopic forks in the front suspension and a single shock absorber at the rear, while the brake system consists of front and rear discs. The model even has a keyless start system!


Price equivalent to 2000 euros

The new Honda Winner X, according to information, will have a selling price in Vietnam of 50.56 million VND, equivalent to 1,960 Euros at the direct exchange rate! In fact, it turns out that Winner is cheaper than its direct competitor in the Vietnamese market, Yamaha Exciter. So why isn't the new model also available in Greece? The answer probably lies in the need to harmonize it with the Euro 5 specifications to reach Europe, which is probably not (yet) on Honda's agenda...


Link engine:

Honda Super GT


See the latest Honda Supra GTR and Yamaha MX King prices


Honda Supra GTR 150 and Yamaha MX King 150 are here to enliven the 150cc superbike segment in Indonesia. Playing in the same segment, but both bring their own advantages, both in terms of design and features and performance.


Yamaha provided a refresh of the previous look of the MX King 150 in September 2021. This motorcycle received a special paint color to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Yamaha World Grand Prix. Meanwhile, Honda has no changes this year for the Supra GTR 150.


On paper, the Yamaha MX King 150 is based on a 150cc, SOHC, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine. This machine is capable of developing a maximum capacity of 15.1 hp at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.8 Nm at 7,000 rpm. All that power is transmitted through a 5-speed powertrain. MX King 150 Yamaha World Grand Prix 60th Anniversary and Honda Supra GTR 150


Meanwhile, Honda Supra GTR 150 is equipped with a 149.16cc, DOHC, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with automatic blower. The power generated is 16 hp at 9,000 rpm and 14.2 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. Power output is combined with a 6-speed drivetrain.


October 2022, how much is the price of the latest Honda Supra GTR 150 and Yamaha MX King 150? For the record, all these prices are taken from each manufacturer's official website and are on their way in Jakarta. These prices are still subject to change depending on the policy of each agent and region.


2022 Proton Iriz, Persona now with new Atlas interface

Written by Dean Watsonn on the 2nd of December 2022 at 04:16

Wapcar Automotive News – B-segment duo Proton, Iriz and Persona have now won ATLAS, or ACO Tech Local Automotive Services, according to ACO Tech on its Twitter account.


This skin is available for the latest upgrades of the Iriz and Persona hatchbacks and hatchbacks launched last year. Users of these models can choose to receive the update over-the-air via the software update page in the settings menu, and their infotainment system will be updated. And Proton Persona colour can catch customers’eyes.


For the SUVs in the lineup, the Proton X70 and X50, a firm schedule for the rollout of over-the-air updates remains to be considered, as these models are highly dependent on the manufacturer, ACO Tech said. 


ATLAS is an infotainment operating system that will be made available to interested OEMs, ACO Tech said at the product launch last September. This is a brand new infotainment operating system based on Android 9 (Pie), compared to the current GKUI software on some Proton models, on Android 8 or Oreo.


ACO Tech ATLAS Infotainment Operating System (11)ACO Tech ATLAS Infotainment 

The move to the ATLAS infotainment system also resulted in the removal of the Proton branding on the GKUI setup which is also based on Android, as the ATLAS system is designed to integrate with any hardware that is compatible with the operating system. ATLAS. open to all automakers interested in using it, as mentioned.


The ATLAS interface appears to closely resemble the one implemented earlier in Iriz and Persona and is designed to position the map on the left side of the screen, while the widgets are customizable for things like the weather. , media playback and access to apps on the right-hand side of the screen.


Voice commands come with customizable command names and usernames, while voice recognition has been tweaked to better understand Malaysian localized English. Q2 of this year will bring calendar functionality, allowing users to sync mobile calendars and meeting reminders; This information will be fed into the system, which will then provide a suggested departure time to ensure they arrive on time for their appointments.


On the mobile side, the ATLAS Auto mobile app has also been rolled out to the Apple App Store for Apple iOS devices. For users of other mobile operating systems, ATLAS Auto will also be released on the Google Play Store as well as the Huawei App Library.


ACO Tech was born in 2020 from a joint venture agreement between Proton and Altel Communications with ECarX Technology (Hubei), which was established to develop automotive connected products and technologies. Products from ACO Tech are intended for markets in Malaysia as well as the wider ASEAN region.


My experience buying a used 2017 Honda Jazz

Written by Dean Watsonn on the 29th of November 2022 at 06:36

Jazz Music SV (2017)

The car runs well, has an infotainment system and even has a backup camera. If it rotates slightly to the left, sometimes it won't come back to center. The air conditioner is not cool and the brakes are a bit sluggish. I understand the meaning of weakness when I drive this car. If you're lazy to shift gears, you'll drag the engine around. I later learned from Wapcar Automotive News that this was a known problem with the Jazz's engine.

There are no serious warning signs and most of these problems seem to be easily fixable. So it all depends on the price. The original estimate was 5.9 L. I know they are exaggerating a bit, expecting a bargain from the customer. And Honda Jazz colors provided me more options then.I haggled down to 5.5 which we both accepted and confirmed the booking. I was proud of my negotiation skills, but my mother was unimpressed.

I know what you think. "You confirm without letting the mechanic check?". "Didn't even check the service history?". I knew I was taking a big risk, and to be honest, I didn't know a good mechanic either. I'm in a hurry, and yes, I close my eyes because I'm happy to have found a car that fits all of our criteria. But, in the end, it would come back to hurt me later.

I had big plans for my first car. Ever since the debut of Slavia, I've dreamed of owning a beautiful sedan and driving on deserted highways. Then Virtus came out, and I'm sure my first car will be a 150 hp German car. So I started saving money to invest in a fund, bought myself a credit card to improve my credit rating, and calculated that early 2024 would be a good time (I tend to be upbeat). plans a LOT..).

But suddenly I have to go to the office twice a week and need a car in 2022. I live 3 hours from my office and choosing public transport takes me through three different modes of transportation just to get to the nearest train station. It was too complicated in just two days. So I need a car and I need one in a few weeks. No time to plan (Imagine the pain).

A new car is a no-brainer, as I'm not ready to shell out big bucks and compromise on a car that I'll stick with for at least the next 5 years. So I have come to the conclusion that a used car is the right way to go. Being a lazy, socially disadvantaged person, I decided to check out used car websites. Two or three days after starting my search, I shortlisted a few cars under 5L.

But everything seemed so easy and convenient and that made me think. So I asked some of my friends what they thought of these sites. Amazingly, everyone had at least one horror story about these sites, even though none of them bought a used car. I feel like I shouldn't ask. It seems like everyone has an opinion about everything these days.

A week passed and I started to panic. I needed to be on duty on Wednesday, and hopes of finding a car began to fade. At that time, my mother came to the rescue. Now you can imagine that she encouraged me and made me want to go out there and find my dream car, right?…Wrong!! She started by asking me about car hunting. 

Gradually, the formal conversation turned into a frank fight. She was angry because I was trying to buy a car online. My weak arguments about technology and convenience were ignored. She gave me an ultimatum, buy a car next week, or forget about it altogether. There is no better motivation than when your mother is pointing a gun at you. 

So, in the end, I decided to visit the used car showroom. In 2012, when I was in school, my dad brought home a first generation Jazz. He received this from his office for a work-related trip. I didn't like cars at the time, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. So did my sister and my mother. Over time we all forgot about the Jazz, but that must have stuck in my mind, because whenever I go through the list of cars, I always stop whenever I see one. a Jazz. 

When I visit the galleries it makes no difference, and my mom is happy about it too. Now my mother is not satisfied with having a particular car, she wants a specific color, age and even is apprehensive about who the previous owner was! So to say it's hard to find the right car is an understatement. After 3 days in different showrooms, I started to question my decision to focus on one particular car. But since I'm not as good at talking as she is, I don't try to convince her. Wednesday came, I borrowed my mother's car and temporarily survived. I returned on Friday and the search resumed.

I have owned this car for more than 3 months now, it must be said that it has performed its role excellently. The showroom staff fixed most of the problems and even coated them with Teflon prior to delivery. The transfer of ownership was also done by them, everything went well and above all, the mother was very happy.

As you might have guessed, that's not the whole story. The day after giving birth, we took a short trip to Kottayam, about 40 kilometers from home. On the way back, the brake warning lights and ABS warning lights come on. I panicked a bit and tried the brakes. The brake system is good. Everything started going through my head and I decided to call the showroom. They also seemed surprised, as they had never received it before. They agree to pay for the repair or replacement. So I took the car to a Honda showroom and had them check it out.

Apparently the problem was with the ABS system and the replacement would cost me 30k. I asked them to retrieve the service history (I know I should have done this sooner). Finally, the faulty ABS was reported in February 2022 and the owner decided not to fix it. Either the first owner tricked the gallery and me, or the gallery was playing innocent. Either way, I accept that's the price of rushing to buy a used car. I didn't go for a replacement, as the brakes are pretty good and I consider myself a natural-born hairy-footed racer. So I should be able to manage without ABS. 

Yeah, keep going, you can laugh at me. I spent about $10,000 replacing the gasket and a few other things and ended up taking it to the office the following week. So far it hasn't caused any more problems and I'm averaging 18.5 km/litre (gasoline). I plan to keep this car for the next two years, and then hopefully we'll have more sedans on the market.

The gruesome Ford Ranger Raptor is lord and master of any terrain

Written by Dean Watsonn on the 29th of November 2022 at 06:35

Wapcar Automotive News – Some time ago we received a Ford F-150 Lightning to test drive for a day. We can then test whether the vehicle electrification is successful. For us, Ford certainly succeeded. No matter its functions or its exterior - Ford Ranger colour is attractive enough to catch customers’ hearts. But as gasoline enthusiasts like us, the Ford Ranger Raptor makes our hearts beat even faster. Especially if that intro takes place in rough terrain near Barcelona. 

Therefore, we are flying to Spain to test drive this 10 ton truck. Of course, we couldn't test the Ranger Raptor's off-road skills on the Veluwe, so Barcelona is the place to be. The Ranger Raptor is a gas-efficient off-road truck with civilian highway qualities, but especially for the unspoiled off-road terrain of our world. A real monster that knows how to tame any obstacle.

Ford Ranger Series

Let's talk about the iconic Ford Ranger line first. This is a world-famous model, the first version of which was released in 1982. You hear every brand say their cars are the best, but Ford backs that up with impressive numbers.

The Ford Ranger has been Europe's best-selling pickup truck since 2015. Not less, but force majeure. Ford Ranger's 38.1% market share is not without reason. The Ranger Series is solid and the Raptor Edition goes even further. Think of it as the Ranger's ST line. This box is unique, and that's not because of the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 it packs, but because of all the engineering that Ford has perfected. There is no better place to test out all the new aspects of this small tank than in the mountains of Catalonia. Or, the Grand Canyon wouldn't be bad either (probably something for the next model).

The first thing you need to understand is that this is a feature-packed pickup. In the graphically thick-looking menu, you can choose from 7 modes:

Normal, Sport and Slippery modes for urban roads. You can also choose between Rock, Sand, and Mud modes. And then you have the Baja mode for real off-road daredevils. Each in its own way is ideal for the conditions that the Raptor must overcome. During the day in Barcelona, ​​we will ride in groups of five Raptors through the unspoiled mountains of the south. With a lead instructor, each mode is tested in its own way. Two wheels drifting downhill on a sandy plain. Even the four wheels came loose while we hopped over a certain ramp, nothing was too crazy.

Also, a big thank you to the people responsible for the sound design at Ford. With a button on the sleek interior, you can set the exhaust to Baja mode. In Baja mode, the exhaust is open, so the roar of the V6 engine comes out. And trust us, it's pretty thick if you're driving on dirt roads at 90 km/h.

Next level traction control

One of the most impressive features of this Ford creation is Trail Control. We are all familiar with cruise control for highways. If you're too lazy to switch to your automatic transmission on the A4, you can lean back and use the cruise control. The Ford Ranger Raptor can also drive at the same speed all the time. Not on A4, but on rocks, rocks and potholes. Uphill or downhill, anything is possible. In Spain, you climb a steep slope like the red ski slope with the Raptor. With a view of the blue sky instead of the rocky ground, we always felt 100% safe.

It's amazing how a car can make so much power and quiet at the same time. At a trail control speed of 4 km/h, we climbed uphill and down the cliff. A feeling we have never felt before in a car. You have to rely entirely on the Raptor's technique, but you can easily do it in rock crawl mode.

Booster pedal

(ALS) in cars reduces turbo lag. The Raptor's anti-lag system is carried over from the GT race class. So it is not technically a disease for the Ford Ranger. Indeed, during our drift session on the Manresa sand circuit, you will be able to feel the power of the twin-turbo engine. With zero turbo power and with Baja tuning, the exhaust is also fully open. Drive around the bend without a fuss and enjoy that humming V6. Simply lovely.

Ford Ranger Raptor

After checking all the abilities of this huge dinosaur, all the Raptors were arranged symmetrically. The cars that were still shiny after being cleaned earlier in the day were now covered in mud and dust. This is what a car like this would look like. We tried our best to break something on the Raptors. After all the climbing on r.

Kawasaki Z650 RS is the ideal combination of classic and modern

Written by Dean Watsonn on the 28th of November 2022 at 10:24

Autofun Philippines – We hit the road with a Kawasaki Versys 650 recently. We liked it so much that we immediately took another Kawa with us when we returned this two-wheeler. This time, we will have a trip back up the memory with the beautiful Kawasaki Z650 RS.


The Z series is one of the most popular models among the Japanese, but if you asked us about the best-looking models made by Kawasaki, we would tell you their RS. Last year we hit the road with the Z900 RS, this time it's the younger brother's turn with the Kawasaki Z650 RS. So what makes RS so special? Kawasaki Z650 price Philippines? We're not going around, because the looks really excite us. Watch it shine in the sun. It's like bumping into the girl you fell in love with in high school. Immediately that itch returned. 


And yes, she is still very pretty. In fact, she has become more beautiful. Our version features a combination of silver, black and orange, with subtle orange lines reflecting on the fuel tank and wheels. Kawasaki's RS models are a nice homage to the past. In this case, it's an homage to the 1977 Z650-B1, based on the Z650 RS. The historical ode is clearly visible. Take a look at the equally beautifully designed fuel tank, side skirts and ducktail. 


But don't worry: you don't have to be disappointed by old broken things by the roadside. Under the skin, the machine is fully equipped with today's technology. At first glance, it's the ideal combination of past and present. But is this also seen in practice?


Obviously, we're fans of the design now, so we move on to the driving experience. No, it's not the machine you use every day to get from Amsterdam to Eindhoven. Then you should use the latest Versys. This is a motorcycle for enthusiasts. With this, you want to take a stroll through the city center, be seen as you step down to the terrace, or enjoy it as you walk along the winding ditches of the Dutch polder landscape at sunset.


Driving pleasure at its best

While speed isn't the bike's only appeal, it does provide enough power to get you out of your position quickly. 


We already said: in fact, that amount of power is just right. You can never complain about power, but it's the versatility that makes it so good. The 650 is so light and maneuverable that you can playfully move through the Dutch sugar savanna like a young antelope. At 188 kg, we can safely call it light and you can see it in the driving behavior. 


Enjoy driving on short and winding roads as you can easily throw it from side to side. The smoothness of the transmission contributes to an enjoyable driving experience. If you happen to go too far, he won't immediately display grumpy and disruptive behavior around, but he'll think the same way you do. If you really want to rage, you can expand it to 10,000 rpm, which comes with a great rumble like the soundtrack of the RS. We can only say: it's a pleasure to drive.


That fun continues as you park the Z650 RS and watch it shine in the sun for a while. What a beautiful engine. Obviously we're not the only ones with this opinion given the comments made by passers-by during our photo session. This time we left out the story that it was only in our possession for review and we are grateful for the compliments. Well, if we have a budget of just under 10,000, this would be a very good candidate for us to spend money on.