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Nissan has devised a clever strategy to combat the used car shortage

Nissan has devised a clever strategy to combat the used car shortage

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Inventory of new vehicles has been a huge issue for automakers all around the world. Thousands of consumers have experienced aggravating delays due to the ongoing chip scarcity and overall supply chain difficulties. One of the most recent casualties is the new Nissan Z, which has had its arrival postponed. Because new automobiles are more difficult to come by, this has had an influence on the used car market as well; during the epidemic, used car prices reached new highs. With many people still preferring to buy Nissan Used Cars, Nissan, the developer of popular models like the Rogue, has joined other automakers in expanding its certified pre-owned program, but only for brands other than Nissan.

Nissan's new certified pre-owned program for non-Nissan vehicles will debut this fall. An 84-point examination and a six-month/6,000-mile limited warranty will be provided for the vehicles in the issue. Nissan-certified pre-owned vehicles, on the other hand, are subjected to a 167-point examination and come with a seven-year/100,000-mile guarantee. Nonetheless, Nissan's new program for non-Nissan used automobiles provides further peace of mind to purchasers and may assist to attract them to Nissan shops. When the time comes for the client to upgrade, Nissan wants to have a better chance of persuading them to buy a new or used Nissan.

When speaking to Automotive News, Dan Mohnke, Nissan US vice president of eCommerce, said, "We want to develop connections with customers about the Nissan brand and the Nissan experience." "For the dealer, the largest advantage is new consumers they wouldn't have seen otherwise."

The new program will not only increase brand awareness, but will also create cash through certification fees. Dealerships sold over 2.75 million CPO automobiles last year, a 5% rise over 2020's estimates. Non-Ford cars are already certified and come with a limited guarantee from Ford, and GM expects to do the same later this year.

"I don't believe Nissan would be moving down this route if new-car inventories were robust. We're trying to keep customers and attract new customers coming in since our new-car supply has been decreased in half." said Ryan Hall, executive manager of HGreg Nissan Kendall in Kendall, Florida. 

The debut of Nissan's most exciting EV to date, the new Ariya crossover, was unfortunately delayed earlier this year due to global supply chain concerns. It's no surprise that Nissan has created a new CPO program to entice new buyers in the meanwhile. Honda is another carmaker that has made buying a certified pre-owned vehicle more tempting, and we expect more manufacturers to follow suit as long as the supply chain issue continues.<br />