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2022 Proton Saga has been released

2022 Proton Saga has been released

Only a few days ago, the 2022 Saga was released. It's Proton's second modest modification to the third-generation entry-level sedan. Though the overall changes aren't groundbreaking, it's one of the most popular A-segment sedans in the country, so it gets a lot of attention.


The 2022 Saga is available in four different variants, with prices ranging from RM 34,400 to RM 44,300. Proton Iriz 2022 Price is RM 40,300 - 54,000. We've gone through the new Saga variations in depth in previous articles and compared them to the Perodua Bezza and Proton Iriz. Today, we'll contrast the old Saga with the new 2022 Saga to discover how much the sedan has changed and what new features it offers.


The previous Saga, like the current model, came in four different versions. The 2020 Saga, on the other hand, receives a new top-of-the-line 1.3L Premium AT trim that replaces the previous Premium model.


The 1.3 Standard MT, 1.3 Standard AT, and 1.3 Premium AT are the only Saga models that haven't altered.


Exterior changes

As previously stated, the all-new 2022 Saga sedan receives no significant outward updates. Nonetheless, the new Saga has its fair amount of novelty.


Enhancements in handling

By its side, the Saga receives a few useful handling improvements. The following are on the list:

With 14- and 15-inch wheels, new Atlas AS380 tyres (for improved grip & reduced road noise)<br />
Damper adjustments (for better ride comfort & handling)


interior update

Inside, the 2022 Saga receives all the season's big developments. It gets a new air-conditioning system with smaller, more contemporary knobs, similar to the revised Persona and Iriz. However, unlike its brothers, the new Saga's air conditioning system is straightforward, with no blower settings and no fancy display.


The range-topping Premium S variation is the only distinction between the previous Saga and the new 2022 Saga.


Enhanced security

Proton is continuously enhancing the safety profile of its vehicles, with the 2022 Saga serving as an excellent illustration of the company's recent efforts.

Except for the base 1.3L Standard MT, all 2022 Saga variations get features that were previously only available on the old Saga's top-spec Premium version. Hill hold assist, stability control, and traction control are all on the list.


Price disparity

With all the additional features, the new 2022 Saga is a little more expensive than the previous Saga.



In comparison to the previous Saga, the new 2022 Saga has a few upgrades on all fronts (design, handling, features, and safety), with the exception of performance, which is unchanged. The little price increase seems justified given all the improvements.