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Written by CodeMaJic on the 5th of July 2009 at 15:52

Hello! I am CodeMaJic, for those who play cod waw on ps3, maybe know who i am! Well now im nr. 3 on kills and i was nr 1.. But i retired for a while. Yeye, i know that i have cheated. But who doesn`t? Its fun to fake streaks... :)

Please don`t spam me with "ADD ME ON PSN!!!!". I have my friends on my list, thats it.. So just to finish i would show you my gameplay. I will link to my u-tube site, got one montage and 1 that shows my accomplishes.. And some other vids of my life ;-)

I found this site today, so just add me on GR, it would be cool.

I just posted my new vid, my 4th of july fireworks, enjoy!