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Summer´s soon over.

Written by Boromir on the 28th of July 2009 at 21:00

Yes, it´s true. In 3 weeks it´s back to the base, HQ or whatever you call it of education. Pronounced "School". Often I've spent my summer´s outside playing around with balls (You pervert) or just randomly jumping around because of the fact that I'm free.

I'm jumping around and playing with balls nowadays, though it´s virtual, right here on the computer. I've actually spent up to, lets say, 60-70% of the whole summer practising my skills on Team Fortress 2. There´s not many games that I've played for such a long time.

So, 3 weeks left. What to do with them? I´m starting 9:th grade, and after that it´s time for the gymnasium. I'm going to do my best to get into the Film gymnasium... Stationed 500 kilometres from here. The specific location is Visby, Gotland. I spent one week there summer 2007 listening to some politics, for a stereotypic person my age he would be bored to death listening to financial and immigration stuff. But somehow I actually found it kinda interesting to listen to that stuff.

Anyway, I'm heading off to Göteborg next week. Going to shop a lot, because of the school start. I'm thinking of buying a coat, Sherlock Holmes style. Something on the head too, of course. Otherwise I'm just going look at some stuff that´s on sale, and hopefully watch a film.

"Sommaren med Göran" or "Public Enemies" is the films I want to see. If you noticed I'm only 14, just a month away from being 15. So no "Public Enemies", damn laws. But! "Sommaren med Göran" isn't that bad, right? (Insert awesome smiley or green guy here)

I liked Peter Magnusson and David Hallenius in Hey Baberiba, shame they cancelled it. Every Friday evening I sat there in front of the big, fat TV and watched one hour weird, sick and just brilliant humour. I even remember the first episode, but that isn't relevant.

So, back to the present. I'm sitting here typing some words in my blog and listening to some Kanye West. "Heard em Say" if you wanted to know. Best song from him, nice lyrics is mixed with smooth piano music and addicting beats.

I hope your summer has been good, mine hasn't. Nor bad, is it OK if I say neutral? Been sitting, listening to music and watching films.

Boromir out!