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    • TimmyHarris
    • Written by TimmyHarris on the 10th of July 2019 at 13:59
    • My First Blog: Are Classic Titles Worth a Reboot?

    • Rebooting and reimagining is a trend that has become commonplace in movies, and now that trend seems to be seeping into the game world too. Just like films, it is probably less of a risk to recreate rather than coming up with something new and original. However, with the success of emulation engines and commercially available 'retro' consoles like the Playstation Classic, there is still a clamouring for older titles. And with the vastly-expanded graphic capabilities compared to 20 years ago, aging games can be given a fresh lease of life through a remake. So have they been successful? What is yet to come? And what could be adapted in the future?