Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard shows off Imperius, coming to Heroes of the Storm

The Diablo III character is the game's 85th hero, and brings a whole load of new abilities into the Nexus with his arrival.

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While Heroes of the Storm's esports scene has come to an end, the game itself is still going on for fans to play and enjoy, and now Blizzard has revealed a spotlight video for Imperius, coming to the Nexus from Diablo III as the 85th Hero.

In the video below we get to see how Imperius plays on the battlefield, including all of his abilities, like impaling enemies to stun them, shooting an arc of flames, and Molten Armour that lashes flames out at nearby enemies.

For the full details on Imperius check out the video below. Is this going to be your Hero of choice?

Heroes of the Storm

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