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Overwatch 2

Blizzard shows off a whole bunch of new maps and character designs for Overwatch 2

Dynamic weather, new enemies and a glimpse at Hero Missions were also revealed.

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BlizzConline's Opening Ceremony wasn't exactly the most exciting when it came to Overwatch 2 news, however the behind the scenes look that followed showed off a bunch of new maps and character designs coming to the shooter.

A first look at the map Rome and New York have been revealed, and both seem to be quite large. Alongside this, dynamic weather in the form of sandstorms and blizzards have been detailed for some maps, as well as the ability to level up your heroes through Hero Missions. For these missions, a bunch of new enemy types were detailed including the explosive Breacher, the grappling Puller, and the crawling Elite Grunts.

On top of all of this, a look at the new designs for Reaper, Pharah, Widowmaker and McCree were shown off, and while each look similar, they all have unique features that set them apart from their Overwatch 1 design. Heroes are also set to be able to work together unlike anything we've ever seen in Overwatch before.

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2Overwatch 2Overwatch 2

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