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Blizzard: Microsoft is not "asking us to do anything"

A Blizzard exec says Microsoft has decided to just "let Blizzard be Blizzard", and they seem to be very happy about it.

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During the fall it was finally concluded that Microsoft could buy Activision Blizzard and for about half a year now they have been the sole owner of them. This is of course something that will change a lot for the employees, but it seems that at least Blizzard is quite happy with the situation.

In a VGC interview with executive producer and vice president of World of Warcraft, Holly Longdale, she explains that Microsoft is not demanding anything from them, but letting Blizzard be Blizzard:

"If anything, it's just been helpful. We got time with Helen Chang from Mojang, and we were sharing information, so it's almost as if we have access to what worked for them. We got to speak to the Elder Scrolls Online team and share what we're up to and what's been working, it's almost like we get a benefit."

Her main area of responsibility is World of Warcraft, which is chugging along at a good pace and has got something of a boost lately. Longdale says that Microsoft is very happy with the situation:

"There's no one asking us to do anything. World of Warcraft is doing very well and they're very proud of what it's been able to accomplish, so it's almost like just let it be, and let it keep being awesome. They've been tremendously supportive and it's like 'let Blizzard be Blizzard'."

Blizzard was once considered one of the world's top developers, and many blame former Activision boss Bobby Kotick for destroying much of the goodwill and quality. Whether Microsoft can bring Blizzard back to their glory days remains to be seen, and they did let a lot of people go earlier this year, but at least they don't seem to be completely wrong in their approach.

World of Warcraft: Classic

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