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Blizzard job listing reveals more on new PvP game

Player abilities, units, and multiple game modes are coming.

Job listings can often show us so much about upcoming video games, and now a new one from Blizzard (as noticed by PCGamesN) has given us an idea of what's coming in their next PvP shooter.

The developer is looking for a Senior or Principal Designer for the game, who can develop weapons and abilities in action or FPS games (a passion for PvP is also required), with player abilities, multiple game modes, and units also mentioned in the same listing. As pointed out by PCGamesN, this may be a StarCraft shooter, since it sounds this way and StarCraft 2's director Dustin Browder has moved to work as director of this title.

Recruiting for this project began in November 2016, so it's a long way in now, even if we hardly know anything about it. What do you want to see from this game?

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