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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Blizzard announces HCT Winter Championship

The best four players from each region will fight over a huge prize pool and Hearthstone competitive points.

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Following players all around the world duking it out in playoffs over the past few weeks, the four best contenders from each region have qualified for the finals of the Hearthstone Championship Tour: Winter Championship. The stakes are high for this tournament, with $250,000 USD up for grabs and Competitive points that'll allow the worlds best players to qualify for the Hearthstone World Championship.

The players who qualified are as follows:

. Mark 'Ike' Eichner
. Matt 'noblord' Koutsoutis
. Bobby 'bobbyyex' Du
. Brian 'Bloodyface' Eason

. Torben 'Viper' Wahl
. Oldřich 'Faeli' Mahdal
. Fatih 'ThunderUP' Akduman
. Raphael 'Bunnyhoppor' Peltzer

. Jiyong 'Definition' Yoon
. Luo 'Roger' Shengyuan
. Shuhei 'Tansoku' Omura
. Tyler 'Tyler' Hoang Nguyen

. Zhe 'GoeLionKing' Wang
. Xu 'LFYueying' Kai
. Guan 'SNJing' Zhendong
. Zhao 'Caimiao' Haixiao

The tournament will begin in a double elimination format, followed by a single elimination playoff bracket. Players will be split into four groups with one player from each region. Which players go in each group will be determined by their CP points, so the top performers in each region are placed in the same group.

The matches will be best-of-fives in the conquest format - meaning after you lose with a deck you can no longer use it - with one ban allocated to each player per match. Each player must therefore have four decks ready to use.

Games will be streamed live from the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles from February 28 to March 3 from 08:30 - 20:30 PST (starting at 16:30 GMT/17:30 CET), and you can tune in on Twitch to get involved.

Will you tune in and watch?

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Photo: Blizzard

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