Blizzard and GOG team up to release Diablo on the platform

You can play it either in its original and untouched form or its enhanced version, along with several quality of life improvements.

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Blizzard Entertainment and GOG.com have teamed up to reveal that classic Blizzard games are getting re-released on the platform, starting with the original Diablo from 1996 which is available right now, with original 20 FPS visuals and matchmaking via the classic version of Battle.net.

Bug fixes have been included as a part of the new version though, and you can pick from either the original or updated version from the GOG launcher. The price is £7.89 ($9.99 USD, 8.89 euros) and it's totally DRM-free.

"The GOG-enhanced version offers several quality of life additions, including minor audio fixes, up-scaling support for resolution and refresh rate control, and compatibility fixes. Please note that this version cannot connect to Battle.net and only supports multiplayer via LAN and P2P connection," as explained by Blizzard's FAQ.

"We were bummed that these iconic games weren't available to our players, so we're very happy to work with the crew at GOG.com to rectify that," said Rob Bridenbecker, Vice President and Executive Producer at Blizzard Entertainment. "This has been a long time coming and we hope our players will be excited to jump back into these classic titles."

What's more is that Blizzard will work with GOG to re-release Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II as well, with more information on those coming soon.

"Crawling through the original Diablo's dungeons, together with Blizzard, is a feeling of pure excitement," added Oleg Klapovsky, SVP at GOG. "It's a personal thing for many of us, and the most wished-for game in our community. Taking the first few steps beneath the Tristram Cathedral, listening to the guidance of Cain the Elder—it's all coming back, for old souls and newcomers alike."

For more on why Diablo is worth paying attention to, check out our Gaming's Defining Moments article on the classic. Have you tried it?


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