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Bleszinski regrets putting Lawbreakers on PS over Xbox

Cliff Bleszinski regrets releasing Lawbreakers on PlayStation after building a fanbase on Xbox.

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A lot of Xbox gamers who had played Cliff Bleszinski's previous games in the Gears of War series, was really disappointed when his first game after leaving Epic Games - Lawbreakers - was announced for PlayStation 4 instead of Xbox One. There were a lot of speculations going around regarding why he and his studio Boss Key Productions made that choice, but last night he made sure to explain on Twitter.

It turns out it was the Boss Key Productions co-founder Arjan Brussee, who convinced Bleszinski to go with Playstation 4, as "the install base on PS was bigger" and they couldn't do multiformat as they "only had so many resources at the time". In hindsight, he thinks this was a bad idea and writes:

"yes, it WAS a mistake putting Lawbreakers on Playstation over Xbox. :)

when people follow your career from a beloved series such as Gears on Xbox uhhh mighta made sense to put the new game on said console"

Cliff Bleszinski is currently writing a memoir where he promises to tell the whole story about Boss Key Productions and a whole lot more about his life and career. But while that does sound interesting and all, what we at Gamereactor is really hoping for, is that some studio will pick him up so he can start delivering wonderful games again.

To be fair, it's worth pointing out that he says that this wasn't the sole reason to misfortune, just one of "like, eight reasons why it failed". Do you think Lawbreakers would have performed at least somewhat better if it would have been released on Xbox One instead of Playstation 4?


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