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Sea of Thieves

Bleeding Edge sails headed for Sea of Thieves

Some Xbox Game Studios developers are coming together to bring content across franchises.

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The Cambridge-based developer Ninja Theory's Bleeding Edge was released today for both PC and Xbox One and with it being an Xbox Game Studios title, it is also included with Xbox Game Pass. Fellow UK-based developer Rare seems to think it would be appropriate to celebrate this, and on the Sea of Thieves Twitter account, Rare has tweeted a picture of a complete set of Bleeding Edge sails (picture included below) and writes:

"Here's a glimpse of something our shipwrights are putting together for crews that like to team up and cause chaos! We'll have more info on how you can represent this colourful brawler while sailing the Sea of Thieves soon..."

We'll update you when we know how you can get your dirty pirate hands on this beautiful cosmetic item.

Sea of Thieves

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