Apex Legends

BLAST to host Apex Legends event

The event will feature a €40,000 prize pool and will take place in late July/early August.

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The tournament organiser BLAST, who is usually known for hosting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events has announced an Apex Legends tournament called BLAST Titans. Set to take place in late July/early August, the series will span two weekends of competition, and will see 40 teams competing for a share of a €40,000 prize pool.

Set to be broadcast over BLAST's Twitch channel, the first weekend of competition will take place between July 23-25, and will see the 40 teams fighting for 20 slots in the July 31-August 1 final weekend.

As for the format, we're told that the first weekend will be double elimination, and that the second weekend will feature "a new innovative format", and that more info is to come.

So far, 20 teams have been invited/qualified for the event, and to find the next ten teams that will also compete, there will be another set of open qualifier weekends taking place between July 3-4 and July 10-11. Registrations for this event are set to open today, and we're also told that there is "more info to come".

Apex Legends

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