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Blasphemous ends with 666% of Kickstarter goal

You couldn't make it up.

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The Game Kitchen's Blasphemous is a 2D platformer set in a religious society where you must tackle a "hellish territory" and the evils within it, and the good news is that it has now smashed its Kickstarter target.

In a strange but very fitting coincidence though, it has achieved 666% of its main goal, which could either be a very fortunate accident or the work of the devil himself. Either way, this means a number of stretch goals are hit, including Nightmare Mode, Weekly Challenges, and more.

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REVIEW. Written by Ben Lyons

"Blasphemous is a gory and creepy action-platformer set in a non-linear 2D pixel world, featuring a variety of enemies, equippable items, and traversable environments."

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