Blasphemous developer reveals Larian Studios gave a big sum to the Kickstarter campaign

Apparently, Larian dropped a 4-figure sum, never asked for any rewards, and then went back to making Baldur's Gate III.

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A huge spotlight has been placed on Larian Studios since the launch of Baldur's Gate III, with many gamers praising the work culture over at the studio, especially as the CEO Swen Vincke continues to critique the greed that seems ever present in the gaming industry.

While it's probably not great to fall head over heels with any business, one of the developers behind Blasphemous revealed that Larian paid a decent sum towards funding the game on Kickstarter way back when.

"They dropped a 4 figures sum, never asked for their rewards and just kept making one of the best games ever done in recent years," wrote Enrique Colinet.

Blasphemous went on to charm a lot of fans of Metroidvanias, and its sequel further improved on the formula set by the original. You can read our reviews for both Blasphemous games here and here.


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"Blasphemous is a gory and creepy action-platformer set in a non-linear 2D pixel world, featuring a variety of enemies, equippable items, and traversable environments."

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