Blasphemous II

Blasphemous 2 is set for release this summer

The Game Kitchen doesn't reveal the exact date, but has given us details of some of the new features.

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We've been waiting a long time for the sequel to Blasphemous, the title from Spain's The Game Kitchen and one of the most globally successful Spanish developments in recent years. Its action-based gameplay combined with the metroidvania and soulslike genres catapulted Blasphemous to the list of the best titles of 2019. And although we knew its arrival was imminent (as Mauricio García, director of The Game Kitchen, told us in an interview a few months ago at the BIG Conference), until now we didn't have a real release window.

At Nintendo's Indie World this afternoon, The Game Kitchen appeared near the end of the conference to announce the release window for Blasphemous 2, which is due out in the summer. The trailer that illustrated the presentation introduced new weapons, enemies and movement systems to explore this twisted take on Spanish folklore and lore. You can watch it below.


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