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Blair Witch

Blair Witch - Hands-On in the Black Hills

On the 20th anniversary of the original Blair Witch Project, Bloober Team is bringing the horror series to life once more, and we got a taste of what lies in wait.

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The Blair Witch Project is a landmark in the horror genre, a cultural milestone made all the more impressive by the marketing around it, pioneering the found footage genre that has since dominated the space. That's why anticipation is so high around this video game adaptation following its reveal during Microsoft's E3 conference, especially since it's none other than Layers of Fear and Observer developer Bloober Team that is taking on the project, a studio known for delivering scares of their own.

This sounds like an intriguing partnership, and that's why we were very curious going into the game during a recent preview event in London. Bloober Team invited us along, gave us a presentation, and sat us down to play five isolated chapters in the game, giving us a varied look at the mechanics and the approach being taken with a title that immediately seemed different from Bloober Team's other games.

That's because we weren't in a spooky house or a futuristic metropolis, both of which are closed spaces. Instead, we're in an open, sprawling forest in the Black Hills, two years after the events of The Blair Witch Project. The sense of scale is massive, as the trees extend upwards into the sky and the darkness stretches out in all directions, and it's only upon closer inspection that you realise things aren't as open as you thought; Bloober Team has set paths you need to follow and it's not an open forest for you to explore. That said, we never felt restricted or railroaded... just guided.

Bloober Team is actually working with property holders Lionsgate to bring us this game, but they made clear to us that this is an original story, not a version of the film. We play as Ellis, an ex-cop with a dog called Bullet who's looking for a missing kid called Peter Shannon. It still feels very much like Blair Witch despite this original protagonist and story, especially when you start seeing the iconic figures made out of sticks, and some other environmental clues we won't share with you now.

Blair Witch

We were also told before our demo that "the main thing is what you don't see" and the team said in plain terms that we won't be seeing the witch in this game, which made us very hopeful. We were then informed of combat against "monsters" though, and that hope was dampened a little, turning into concern. In many ways The Blair Witch Project succeeded due to its lack of action, and so how would combat with monsters fit into this?

We're not clear what these monsters are, but in one section Bullet starts growling and long, lanky creatures emerge in the distance, although they disappear when exposed to torchlight. It reminded us a bit of Alan Wake, and after some whack-a-mole action illuminating these spectral beings, the danger passed as quickly as it appeared.

Speaking of Bullet, your dog plays an integral role in the game, and you can call him to your side and command him. He'll seek out items for you and growl if danger is nearby, and Bloober even said that the extent to which you care for him will determine what ending you get. Pet him lots and keep him close, and you could see a much better end result than leaving him to wander around unloved. There are several ways the game tracks your behaviour, in fact, as you have a choice to answer or make calls as well as destroying the totem figures you find, all of which will change what ending you get.

Blair Witch
Blair Witch
Blair Witch
Blair Witch