Crossfire: Legion
Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

Blackbird Interactive's next sci-fi RTS mixes Crossfire with Halo Wars

Real time strategy with base building, heavy warfare and global abilities.

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The South Korean publisher Smilegate is eager to find capable teams that can support their Crossfire license. For example, Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment is working on the FPS single-player campaign CrossfireX, which is based on the famous war game IP. The people from Blackbird Interactive (Homeworld) are creating a brand new strategy game that is taking place within the same universe. In addition to an extensive single-player campaign, this RTS offers multiplayer modes that PC players can look forward to, once the game releases next year.

Crossfire: Legion is taking us many years into the future where we command big mechs and airborne units. During a presentation, we saw base buildings and mobile infantry troops that were raining down from the skies to tighten their grip on battlefields. Our commander character has global abilities that can influence the course of the battle - which does remind us a whole lot of Halo Wars. And while we haven't seen it ourselves, Crossfire: Legion apparently has customisation options to further specialise our military units.

Crossfire: Legion

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