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Blackbird Interactive hit by layoffs again

It's the second batch in six months.

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It has been reported that developer Blackbird Interactive has undergone layoffs once again. The Vancouver-based studio has let go of developers for the second time within six months, and as of right now it's unclear the extent of the lost jobs.

The layoffs were first noticed by Game Developer, who clocked that several developers from the studio were taking to LinkedIn to affirm that they had been cut from the company. Since then, Blackbird has shared a statement regarding this batch of layoffs, which GamesIndustry has reported in full.

A studio representative states, "Due to economic pressures outside of our control, we had to take the unfortunate step of separating from some friends.

"This is part of a realignment plan that's necessary because of new projects that were shelved by some of our partners. We looked at multiple ways of avoiding this and regretfully other options werent viable. Because the affected team members are our BBI family, we want to help position them well for this next stage of their careers. We're offering a suite of extended benefits and severance to help ease this transition."

The last round of layoffs saw over 40 developers at the studio losing their jobs. The exact number of cut developers this time has yet to be confirmed. This also comes after Blackbird made the decision to delay Homeworld 3 from its planned March 8 release date until May 13 instead.

Homeworld 3

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