Black Mirror

Black Mirror offers a 'dark atmosphere' and 'gothic horror'

We talked to producer Martin Kreuch about rebooting the franchise.

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One of the new announcements made at Gamescom (or just prior as the case may be) was the reboot of Black Mirror, a horror-themed point-and-click series, we haven't seen in a while. At the show we had a chat with producer Martin Kreuch about the new game.

"Our new game is a reboot of the series, so it's a standalone universe," says Kreuch. "So if you haven't play the originals that will not affect the player experience, it's a new story, new characters, but with basically the basic same ingredients as the series always had. Which is like a dark atmosphere, gothic horror, eerie, not so much splattery horror, but more like psychological horror taken from these kind of stories."

The conversation moved on to cover the structure of the game, its mechanics, and the theme of what's real and not, and whether you're going insane.


Black Mirror will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 28.

Black Mirror

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