Black Desert Online

Black Desert's Hashashin class is live on PS4 and Xbox One

Pearl Abyss just updated its popular MMORPG Black Desert on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, bringing new class Hashashin into the mix.

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Developer Pearl Abyss updated its stunning, popular MMORPG Black Desert for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One recently, releasing the well-awaited Hashashin class (which is set to be a timed console exclusive as previously reported). Hashashin wields the Shamshir sword and the power of Valencian god Aal and possesses the skill of manipulating sandstorms, using them to both traverse and chase opponents down.

Hashashin can also travel through the desert faster and is more resistant to desert diseases and his main skill, called the Descent, deals AOE damage in a jump/slam attack spawning a ripple of sandstorms.

Those looking to try Hashashin out can hop into the game and gain plenty of rewards just for logging in and those who level their Hashashin to level 60 will receive a massive amount of silver, XP and other rewards during the event.

Black Desert Online

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