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Black Desert Mobile's 'Node War' pre-season is now live

Pearl Abyss' Black Desert Mobile got an update recently featuring the pre-season content for Node War.

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Developer Pearl Abyss and publisher Kakao Games recently revealed that the pre-season of the large-scale PvP mode 'Node War' has officially begun in Black Desert Mobile. Those looking to team up with their guild members to "conquer Nodes" ahead of the Node War release set for mid-January can now do so.

Various guilds get the chance to participate in Node War through a bidding process and the highest bidding guilds will be selected as participants. Your team must then attack the opposing guilds' Holy Artifact while at the same time keeping an eye on their own. The winners will then take possession of the Node for a whopping seven days and receive tax payouts from surrounding areas as a prize. Node Wars will take place from 10pm to 12pm (server time) on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Black Desert Mobile

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