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Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile already has four million pre-registrations

The MMO is proving to be especially popular for Pearl Abyss, who is keeping busy with a number of projects.

Pearl Abyss is known mostly for its MMO Black Desert Online, which is coming to mobile on December 11, and now they've revealed in a new press release that this version has reached four million pre-registrations.

This includes the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and the official website, with the game reaching this milestone in two months.

Black Desert Mobile has already launched in the East, making up a third of Black Desert's all-time sales, so it's been a hit already, and looks to continue that with its upcoming release next month.

Just last month Black Desert Mobile soft-launched in select countries, and let's not forget that Pearl Abyss has just recently unveiled a plethora of other games too.

Will you get involved with Black Desert Mobile?

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Black Desert Mobile

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