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Black Adam explains that he's "not peaceful" in new promo

"The time for heroes is over" is the official tagline, and the promo video pretty much explains the alternative.

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On October 21, we finally get to meet Dwayne Johnson's version of the antihero Black Adam in the upcoming movie with the same name. And with exactly (on the day) one month to go until it premieres, we can expect the hype engines to start heating up even more.

Now we've got a new, fairly short promo video, which shows Hawkman sucker punch Black Adam in the face, and watch another scene where Black Adam explains "I'm not peaceful. Nor do I surrender."

Black Adam is expected to be something of a fresh start for the DCEU and introduces us to the super hero team Justice Society of America, which probably will spawn several movies during the upcoming years. Check the video out below.

Black Adam explains that he's "not peaceful" in new promo

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