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Bit.Trip Rerunner

Bit.Trip Rerunner announced with 150+ new levels

CommanderVideo is back for some new rhythmic endless runner action.

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Do you remember the Bit.Trip series? The first game was released in 2009 and it became so popular it was followed by seven titles (sequels and spin-offs). The last one was Runner 3 from 2018, and since then we haven't seen the protagonist CommanderVideo.

Now the developer Choice Provisions thinks it's about time they bring him back, and have therefore announced Bit.Trip Rerunner. No formats or even a release window has been confirmed, but the developer writes:

"Over 150 new levels, each with increasing challenges. Unleash your creativity with the RUNNER-MAKER tool, create and share your own levels. New gameplay mechanics inspired by the original BIT.TRIP games plus THE original RUNNER."

Have you missed CommanderVideo and the Bit.Trip series?

Bit.Trip Rerunner

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