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Mass Effect Trilogy

Bioware teases the next Mass Effect

The N7 celebration video was mainly about merchandise but also contained a teaser.

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Mass Effect is not gone. As tradition dictates, BioWare prepared special video for fans on November 7, N7 Day. In it, fans and creators express what the Mass Effect universe and the N7 symbol means for them, and Casey Hudson dropped a heavy hint that they're working on the next game in the series. The return of Shepherd? Pay attention to the slight hint with the coffee cup.


Bioware also released an Xbox One X patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda yesterday, allowing owners of the latest Xbox One model an enhanced experience. Clearly, Bioware is busy with Anthem and the next Dragon Age game, but if the tease is any indication, they're at least thinking about what the next Mass Effect game could be.

Mass Effect Trilogy

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