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Mass Effect 4

Bioware showed the future of Mass Effect during The Game Awards

Good to see you again, Liara T'Soni.

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After moving away from the original Mass Effect trilogy with Andromeda, Bioware seems ready to return to our own galaxy with a real sequel to Mass Effect 3. Details are still very scarce, but a new teaser shown during The Game Awards allowed us to check some details that will certainly be familiar to fans.

From a glimpse of Citadel in ruins, to the ghastly sound of the Reapers, not forgetting the inevitable N7 logo, the new teaser clearly points to the original trilogy, but even more emblematic was the short appearance of Liara T'Soni, which suggests that the character will be back in the fourth game (fifth, if we count Andromeda).

Haven't played the trilogy yet? Then it's worth remembering that Bioware is working on remastered versions of the three games, which will be released together this spring via the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect 4

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