Mass Effect: Andromeda

Bioware says 'the future of Mass Effect is very bright'

A tribute video has been released to celebrate 10 years of the franchise.

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Bioware is currently celebrating N7 Day, a day dedicated to the Mass Effect series and its 10-year history, and to do this the studio has released a brand new video in which developers reflect on the long journey the series has had, from the first game all the way to this year's Andromeda.

It's no secret that the latter had its fair share of issues, from highly-publicised unconvincing facial animations prior to release all the way to divisive multiplayer, and in fact back in August we found out that Mass Effect: Andromeda would be getting no more single-player updates. That's why Bioware has raised a few eyebrows when they said that the "future of Mass Effect...is very bright".

We have no idea what this means, but considering Andromeda seems to be left behind for now, perhaps this could indicate a fresh start for the franchise... although we wouldn't expect that to be soon.

Where do you think Mass Effect should go from here?

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Matt Rhodes

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