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Bioware reveals changes to Anthem 2.0's loot system

Players will optimise their gear faster and more effectively in the future as Bioware works to rejuvenate the struggling sci-fi shooter.

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After lots of complaints from fans the world over and following disappointing player numbers due to the game's many shortcomings, Bioware decided to pause and realign their loot-shooter Anthem last year. Much like how Bethesda and Ubisoft relaunched their respective live service titles Fallout 76 and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, a second launch campaign is aiming to bring positive energy back into a game that has struggled since its launch last year.

A few weeks ago, developers started to share reports about the progress made in Anthem 2.0. In the latest dev blog, the team describes multiple approaches that have been taken to solve one of the sci-fi shooter's biggest problems: loot. In order to increase long-term motivation for players, the team wants the game to respect our time first and foremost. Therefore they plan to drastically increase the rate at which game progress is made. According to the team over at Bioware "all items are [becoming] better and more competitive, but there's still a chance of getting something exceptional."

For example, players will have the opportunity to take on quests that help them search for unique equipment in the future. Furthermore, a re-roll mechanic is being worked on, so you can change and increase the power of your special abilities via item effects. Bioware also places greater emphasis on finding and supporting synergies between the classes and their equipment. The team is also currently considering a shift of focus on melee weapons, but these plans are still in the early stages. It's also not clear when the big relaunch of Anthem will happen, or even if it's imminent.


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