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Bioware quizzes fans over Mass Effect Trilogy re-make

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Bioware's Aaryn Flynn is obviously twiddling his fingers since Dragon Age: Inquisition went gold, and as such he's been canvassing fans about what they'd like to see from a potential Mass Effect trilogy re-make.

In a post on Neogaf Flynn outlined the most requested features thus far, including 1080p visuals running at 60fps, improved higher resolution textures, a seamless experience across all three games, and all the DLC released for the trilogy to be included.

One suggestion made in the resulting discussion was that DLC should be implemented seamlessly into the game, a suggestion that Flynn agreed with: "'Organic implementation' is definitely what I have in mind. [The DLC] should just all be there, as if it never wasn't there (if that makes sense)."

There was also talk of changing the combat mechanics that appeared in the first game. Flynn wasn't so keen on this idea:

"'ME3 combat mechanics in ME1' comes up relatively often, but it's not on my radar (again, speaking personally). First it would be a helluva lot of work. Second, I hate the idea of us being accused of 'retconning' ME1. Third (and I bet everyone on NeoGAF knows this), there are those who prefer ME1... So given that all that, it doesn't feel like the right thing to do."

Today, November 7, is Bioware's aptly named N7 Day. Those hoping for a timely announcement regarding a Mass Effect Trilogy remake (earlier this year one retailer briefly listed it) will be disappointed to hear that Flynn said the following on Twitter: "Looking forward to #N7Day14! Unfortunately we have no news about the Mass Effect Trilogy coming to new consoles. When we do we'll share ASAP".

Mass Effect Trilogy

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