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Bioware heads leave the company

Both Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah have decided to split before Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and the new Dragon Age arrives.

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Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda, and some would even say Dragon Age: Inquisition, really hurt Bioware's incredible reputation, but many hoped the studio would return to greatness when Casey Hudson came back in 2017. Well, we won't actually get to see the results of his work while he's still there.

Electronic Arts has confirmed that both Hudson, who's the general manager of Bioware, and Mark Darrah, long-time producer of the Dragon Age franchise, are leaving the company. Both Hudson and Darrah makes it sound like they say goodbye with no bad blood, and that the split is just because they feel the need to try some new things.

Neither Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the new Dragon Age game, the mysterious Mass Effect project or some other secret things will be affected by these resignations though. Samantha Ryan will continue to oversee the studio while Gary McKay will be an interim GM as they look for a permanent replacement for Hudson. Meanwhile, Christian Dailey will apparently move on from working on "Anthem 2.0" to lead the Dragon Age team.

How do you feel about Bioware's games lately? Could these changes affect that?

Dragon Age 4

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