Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware: "Freedom most important in Dragon Age: Inquisition"

We talk to producer Cameron Lee about the highly anticipated third game.

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Gamereactor Norway's Suzanne Berget stopped by the Dragon Age: Inquisition first look event and caught up with producer Cameron Lee to ask him all about the new game:


"The most important thing to me about the next Dragon Age game is probably the amount of freedom that you have in the game. Freedom to create the character you want to create, explore the world in the way that you want to explore the world. So we really want to empower the player and give them a sense that this is their game."

You will be able to bring in your save game data into Dragon Age: Inquisition:

"You can do that through the Dragon Age Keep website, which we just announced. So what you'll do in that is you'll pick answers, you'll have a whole bunch of questions, like hundreds of different questions and you'll be able to pick the answers to that. So that's questions from Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, all the different DLC that we've released, even some of the flash games that we've done in the past. All of these decisions that you've made in the previous games you can set it all up and you can bring that down into your console or onto your PC and that sets the world stage for Dragon Age: Inquisition."

Lee was not too keen to reveal exactly what role Morrigan will play, but we did get some nuggets of information:

"Morrigan will definitely be back. She plays a very large role in the game. I think we want to explore more of the human side of Morrigan in Dragon Age: Origins she was very young at the time. She was very sarcastic, you know, kind of a character, but she has matured. It's been a number of years since Dragon Age: Origins so depending on some of the things that you may or may not have done with Morrigan in Dragon Age: Origins she'll be in a different state in Dragon Age: Inquisition. And it's some of those states that really could give a human feel to Morrigan in the new game.

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