Dragon Age 4

BioWare celebrates the new year by sharing new Dragon Age 4 concept art

Executive producer Christian Daley shared the artwork on his official Twitter.

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Dragon Age 4 executive producer Christian Daley has kicked off the new year by sharing some all-new concept art for the upcoming RPG. The image, which was shared on his official Twitter, shows a masked archer firing his bow within a gorgeous Autumn setting. It's not clear at this point, however, who this character is and how pivotal they will be towards the actual story of the game.

The concept artwork is the first bit of content shown since The Game Awards, where a brief CG trailer was shown hinting that the game would be a reboot of sorts. Besides these smaller teasers, little at this point is known about Dragon Age 4, but we wouldn't mind personally if content continues to trickle out at this pace.

You can check out the new concept artwork below:

Dragon Age 4

Thanks, Game Informer.

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