Biomutant has found a new and profitable home on Nintendo Switch

According to THQ Nordic, Experiment 101's action title is selling 20 times more than expected on its Japanese release.

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For many gamers, Biomutant is reminiscent of one of last console generation's most sonically unsuccessful releases (and one that didn't improve much on its arrival on current-gen consoles either). But it seems that with its release a week ago on Nintendo Switch, the tables have turned.

According to its publisher, THQ Nordic, Experiment 101's ARPG has sold up to 20 times more than expected in its Japanese debut, both in digital and physical sales. It remains to be seen whether this promising start in its new version will rub off on other markets that have already received the game, but it is possible that we are witnessing a "renaissance" of this title, which comes with the base game and all the DLC released to date.

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