Bill Gates thinks meetings will take place in the metaverse in a few years

The Microsoft co-founder thinks that most virtual meetings will leave 2D image grids behind soon.

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The co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has stated that he believes the metaverse will begin drastically changing the way we work in the coming years. As part of the billionaire's latest GatesNotes blog post, Gates talked about 2021 and how the year has affected him, while also giving a little insight into what he believes the future will hold thanks to the expansion of the metaverse.

"Within the next two or three years, I predict most virtual meetings will move from 2D camera image grids—which I call the Hollywood Squares model, although I know that probably dates me—to the metaverse, a 3D space with digital avatars," said Gates. "Both Facebook and Microsoft recently unveiled their visions for this, which gave most people their first view of what it will look like."

Gates also noted how this development will come about, revealing that users will need VR goggles and motion capture gloves, while also explaining that will most people don't own this kind of tech today, Microsoft is working on an "interim" system that "uses your webcam to animate an avatar that's used in the current 2D set-up."

In the blog, Gates also gave his thoughts on climate change and Covid-19, and you can read it all here.

Bill Gates thinks meetings will take place in the metaverse in a few years

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