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Bigfest details and screens

Organise music festivals and discover unsigned bands.

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In Bigfest the premise is simple, build and manage your own music festival. Players will start off with just a few fans in a field, before growing their own version of Glastonbury.

The game, which is heading to PS Vita, PS4, iOS and Android next year, will feature real unsigned bands, and a detailed array of management options. For music fans it could end up being a must-have title.

Here are some of the key features listed for the free-to-play game:

Your music your way - Discover and promote real unsigned bands in a videogame by playing the kind of music that you want to hear on your stage- playing bands at good festivals will help them  climb the charts!

Reactive Crowd - The Crowd grows and surges dynamically to how you play the game. You will know when you're doing the right things because the crowd will tell you.  Will they boo and walk away or roar for an encore!

Theme your Festival - Express your musical taste in your very own themed festival - unlock new content, collectables, and special themed items to dress your festival in your own unique way .

Community - Social is at the heart of BigFest - call upon your friends to help you complete tasks-share music recommendations.  Visit, assist, and rate each other's festivals and headline acts- earn unlock able items, share  bonuses,  even prank each other...


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