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BIG Clan has entered into a partnership with Philips OneBlade

The partnership will see Philips' brand represented on BIG's 2022 League of Legends jerseys.

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Big Clan has revealed that it has entered into a partnership with Philips OneBlade, in which the esports organisation and the health technology company will work on a series of activations in return for Philips becoming BIG's official supplier for men's styling gear.

"As we enter the new year, I am delighted to announce our new partner Philips OneBlade," said Daniel Finkler, BIG's CEO. "They have been in the market for years with their beard styling products for men and I am excited that we are able to support the entry of Philips, a leading global brand, into the German Esport community."

Revealed in a press release, the deal will run throughout 2022 and will see the pair working on various activations as part of a media rights deal, and will also see the Philips brand represented on BIG Clan's League of Legends jerseys for the duration of the deal.

BIG Clan has entered into a partnership with Philips OneBlade

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