Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls rumoured to get Steam release

Could Quantic Dream's star-filled adventure game Beyond: Two Souls be getting released on Steam?

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Quantic Dream's games haven't been PlayStation exclusive for about a year as most of the games by the French studio have been available on PC through Epic Games Store. However, it seems that this exclusivity on the Epic Store is about to end soon, at least according to what the well-known insider Nibel.

According to the report, it seems that Beyond: Two Souls has appeared in the Steam database, which means that it could soon land on Valve's platform. At the moment we have no official confirmation yet, so take this information with a pinch of salt. It would, however, not be surprising if Quantic Dream games would arrive on other PC platforms and who knows, maybe on Xbox One in the future.

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Beyond: Two Souls

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