Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls reportedly sold 2.8 million copies so far

Quantic Dream's CEO spills the beans.

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It looks like, even though we're talking about very expensive games with top-level movie-like production values, the collaboration between Sony PlayStation and Parisian studio Quantic Dream has been quite profitable so far. And now as an additional fact to support this claim, CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière has revealed more about the studio's previous game's performance, with Beyond: Two Souls apparently sitting at around 2.8 million copies sold (that's across both PS3 and PS4).

The little factoid can be found over on the CEO's public LikedIn profile, but it is unclear when was it actually updated. Additional facts gathered at ResetEra complement the successful collaboration, as it seems both Heavy Rain, the aforementioned Beyond: Two Souls, and the recently launched Detroit: Become Human were all profitable, with the latter breaking even faster than its predecessors. All of them became million-sellers (Heavy Rain sits at 5.3 million as the studio's most successful release), and the three of them cost around $50 million dollars including both development and marketing.

And now, with Beyond: Two Souls being recently included with PlayStation Plus's instant game collection, even though sold units won't increase all that much, lots more players will get to experience Ellen Page/Jodie Holmes's emotional journey. Have you already?

Beyond: Two Souls

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