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Beyond Good & Evil HD

Beyond Good & Evil HD next month

Joins five titles in new XBLA promotion

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Beyond good & Evil HD, the tarted up digital download version of the excellent 2003 action-adventure, is to be released on Xbox Live Arcade next month as part of a new five week-long promotion of the service.

Xbox Live Arcade House Party, much like Summer of Arcade and Game feast before it, will include some high-profile releases across the period. Joining Jade will be fantasy action RPG Torchlight, Contra prequel Hard Corps: Rising, Bejeweled Blitz and Full House Poker.

Hard Corps will be the first game released for the promotion, hitting Feburary 16, with one game a week after that. any bets on where Beyond Good & Evil HD will end up in the queue?

Beyond Good & Evil HD

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